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One Hamlet, Many Blauvelts
and the library at the heart of it all
One Hamlet, Many Blauvelts and the library at the heart of it all

Poetry is an echo, asking a shadow to dance. ♦ Carl Sandburg

Tappan Zee Thrift Shop Volunteers Wanted

The Blauvelt Free Library has partnered with the Tappan Zee Thrift Shop in Piermont, NY to recruit volunteers to work at the shop in 4-hour shifts from Tuesday to Sunday from 1 - 5pm. By working at the shop, volunteers earn money for the library, meet new people, receive a discount on fabulous merchandise and extend the library's outreach in the community. Volunteers sort items, work the register and meet and greet customers. If we don't meet our quota each month through volunteer participation, we will be dropped as a partner and lose valuable funding. We truly appreciate any contribution you can make. Please call Rosy Dixon at (845) 613-7466.

The First Defensive Driving Class of 2024

The Blauvelt and Orangeburg Libraries are pleased to offer a Defensive Driving Class for New York licensed drivers (or with Learners Permits) at the Blauvelt Library on Saturday, January 20, from 10 am to 4:30 pm, with the most popular and effective instructor in Rockland County, Ian Prastien. Ian's energy and humor helps the 6-hour session go by without drudgery. and he makes what you learn memorable.

Your insurance provider can give up to a 10% discount on auto insurance when you send them the certificate you earn in the class.

Registration is in person at Blauvelt Free Library Bring $35 cash, check or money order written to Ian Prastien.

You may bring a meal to take during a short break in the class.

For FAQs call us at (845) 359-2811; for class content info, call Ian at (201) 522-5892.

E-ZPass® Sold Here!

Stop by the Blauvelt Free Library for an E-ZPass® tag today!
($25 cash or check). For more info click here.

Judge Blauvelt's Friday Walking Club Goes Both Ways

We like to think that if Judge Cornelius Isaac Blauvelt were around today, he would enjoy a nice walk on the former bed of the Erie Railroad tracks that ran by his front door (the back of our building) in the 1850's. The walking club we founded in his name in 2022 shoves off every Friday at 11 am (weather permitting) and takes one hour to complete.

We leave from the Blauvelt Free Library and walk southeast to the crossing at Orangeburg Rd., but one can start from the other direction at the Orangeburg Library. This is an accommodation to those who might prefer to walk the "uphill" leg from Orangeburg first, and experience an easier "downhill" return on the way back from Blauvelt. Although the rise is very gradual, it is noticeable; every individual can make their own choice of starting point, though the friendly atmosphere created by the larger group is an considerable attraction.

The walk does not take place in inclement weather. Call us at 845 359-2811 if there is a question in your mind on any given Friday. Ask to be put on the event mailing list to be advised whenever a cancellation or starting time change is effected.

NY Project Hope | Coping with CoVid

The Mental Health Association (MHA) of Westchester is providing a free counseling service in Rockland County for persons having difficulty coping with all things CoVid. They offer free one-to-one sessions with a crisis counselor as well as referrals to essential mental health services.

Project Hope Crisis Counselor Hotline at 845 580-2022

Email or call Project Director, John English > Englishj@mhawestchester.org  > 914 317-2503

Quick Assist Remote Tech Support

If your computer runs Windows versions 7 through 11, we can offer you remote help for some technical issues via a program called Quick Assist that is already installed on your computer (it is part of Windows). Quick Assist allows a remote user to view or take control of your computer using a code that is emailed to you. If you are looking for help with technical matters related to your desktop computer or laptop, please email Emmanuel at epena@rcls.org to set up a time to connect remotely and troubleshoot your problems away!

Why the Blauvelt Free Library Is Not Joining the Other South Orangetown Central School District Libraries in their Plan to Consolidate and Form a Special District

Some of you may have heard about a plan to combine the libraries in our school district into a single entity with each existing library building becoming a branch of the new organization. The Blauvelt Free Library is opposed to this consolidation because we will lose our autonomy as a non-profit and would have to adopt a civil service model, which would limit our ability to provide the personalized, responsive (and sometimes miraculous) services that are a hallmark of our library. Please click HERE for a more detailed statement and to gain a better understanding of our position. -- Laura Grunwerg, Library Director

Five Books

Five Books has asked well over 1,000 authors, academics and public figures to recommend the best five books in their field – and to explain their choices in an interview. These lists have been created by readers using their interactive tool. Browse them all or make your own!

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