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Library CoVid Update

Welcome, 2022. Sort of. As cases of the Omicron variant of the CoVid virus have steadily risen in Blauvelt and in the county, we will most likely reinstate our policies with regard to limiting time in the building. Please remember that this is for everyone's safety. Two of our staff are currently out with CoVid. Please consult this space for updates. We will post a notice on our front door and send an email blast to alert everyone to changes in our status. If we do decide to restrict access or even close our doors temporarily, we will still continue to offer curbside service, home deliveries, and notarizations. Copies and faxes will be handled via the walk-up window. Updates will follow as we know more. Thanks for your patience and understanding as we navigate this tricky terrain.

CoVid Update re: Library Services WATCH THIS SPACE!

Active cases of the CoVid Omicron variant are beginning to drop in the county. We continue to require that ALL patrons wear masks before entering the premises regardless of inoculation status. According to the CDC, fully vaccinated people are capable of transmitting and catching the virus. We are reinstating safe practices until we know more about the highly contagious Delta and Omicron variants and their spread. We thank you for your understanding.

As of January 26th, there are 99 active cases of CoVid in Blauvelt, down from 115 in the previous count. Our building remains open with transitional hours and our full complement of services (copying, faxing, notary), but all of our programs will remain virtual for both children's and adults until we deem it safe. Children's TakeHome Crafts will be available at the front desk and at our walk-up window. If you need special accommodations, please contact our Director, Laura, at 845 359-2811.

In the meantime, we will let you know via MailChimp notification (if we have your email in our database), and through our website, Facebook page and by our phone prompt as to our status. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Laura at 845 359-2811.

To view the Rockland County CoVid Dashboard, which indicates the number of cases in your town, visit:

For CoVid information (New York State Vaccination Plan, testing sites, travel advisory, et al), consult:

To check the status of all 46 libraries (modified hours, protocols, services) in our system, visit:

Library Is Open with Revised Hours

Revised Library Hours

Monday - Wednesday 9 to 6 | Thursday 9 to 8 | Friday 9 to 5 | Saturday 11 to 3
  • To register in-person for a free library card, please visit the front desk and bring proof of residence (license with local address or utility bill). Blauvelt residents who wish to obtain a library card online can click here to complete the form > Online library card registration and follow up with a visit to show proof of residence. Children five years and older, or those entering kindergarten, are able to obtain a library card.
  • Our walk-up window is open for business. Press the button for service. If you prefer an extra measure of caution, this is the option for you.
  • We offer curbside pickup and home delivery -- please ask for Barry
  • We offer free Notary service and faxing
  • Clubs, meetings and programs in-house for adults are on hold until we see what the fall and winter bring
  • Children's toddler times (limited to 6) will be held in the StoryCraft Cottage beginning in October
  • No fines will be charged on any materials until further notice
  • Standard hours will resume pending health updates and staffing > Mon - Thur 9 - 9 | Friday 9 - 5 | Saturday 11 - 5 | Sunday 1 - 5
  • All phases of re-opening are predicated upon a safe and healthy society with few setbacks

845 359-2811
To reach any of our staff by phone

Library Director
Laura Grunwerg

Assistant Director / Head of Reference Services
Tonie Ann D'Angelo

Manager of Programs / Public Relations / Social Media
Barry Koch

Children's and Teens
Marybeth Darnobid

Circulation Services
Theresa DeGraw


Quick Assist Remote Tech Support

If your computer runs Windows versions 7 through 10, we can offer you remote help for some technical issues via a program called Quick Assist that is already installed on your computer (it is part of Windows). Quick Assist allows a remote user to view or take control of your computer using a code that is emailed to you. If you are looking for help with technical matters related to your desktop computer or laptop, please email Charlie at to set up a time to connect remotely and troubleshoot your problems away!

Our Town Newspaper Will Return in 2022

Based an update from the "Our Town" newspaper website, both the digital/online and print editions have been temporarily suspended and are scheduled to resume in January, 2022.

Visit >

Why the Blauvelt Free Library Is Not Joining the Other South Orangetown Central School District Libraries in their Plan to Consolidate and Form a Special District

Some of you may have heard about a plan to combine the libraries in our school district into a single entity with each existing library building becoming a branch of the new organization. The Blauvelt Free Library is opposed to this consolidation because we will lose our autonomy as a non-profit and would have to adopt a civil service model, which would limit our ability to provide the personalized, responsive (and sometimes miraculous) services that are a hallmark of our library. Please click HERE for a more detailed statement and to gain a better understanding of our position. -- Laura Grunwerg, Library Director

Five Books

Five Books has asked well over 1,000 authors, academics and public figures to recommend the best five books in their field – and to explain their choices in an interview. These lists have been created by readers using their interactive tool. Browse them all or make your own!

How to find a lost or stolen cellphone

Ever wonder what might happen if you lost your smart phone or worse, had it stolen?  There are actually a few things you can do to help locate your phone -- all from your computer (or borrowed smart phone / device that connects to the Internet). Click HERE to learn more.  

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