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Tom Nussbaum

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Let me live, love, and say it well in good sentences. ♦ Sylvia Plath

Library "Housewarming" Celebration June 9th

Get ready to rumble. The Blauvelt Free Library has planned our grand "Housewarming" for Saturday, June 9th from 11am to 4pm. Music, food, fun for the kids and dedications galore. More on what's planned as this story develops. Mark your calendar. We want to celebrate with YOU!

Tax Season Is Upon Us

The library can help with all of your tax form needs. Click the links below for State and Federal tax forms and for a list of local libraries offering free tax aid through AARP. 


Forms are also available at the library. We receive a limited number of forms from the government but are able to print any and all you need from the website. As of this writing, the IRS has sent us print copies of the federal 1040 instruction booklets and 1040 and 1040 EZ forms. All other forms and instructions (both state and federal) must be obtained online (we will be more than happy to download them for you).

Information on e-filing, making a payment, checking your refund and registering for sales tax is available at

Renovation Update | March 16, 2018

March 16 | Dave drops by to spray fire stop foam into the hole where the cables and phone lines protrude. Valentine Electric shows up mid-day (unannounced) to upgrade and relocate the outlet for the copy machine. It's only half visible behind the radiator. While they're drilling and hammering (a soundtrack we thought was a thing of the past), Jerry from Floz-On shows up at 1pm for his 10 o'clock appointment. He laughs at the 30-odd splotches of test paint colors adorning the Behringer Room walls. He promises to get his guys here on Thursday of next week. They'll spend at least three days prepping the space. That room will be something when it's done. Spring is right around the corner.

March 15 | Steve Binder, our landscaper, pops in. He's been running over what he's got to do in his head. Then Craig, the telephone system installer, arrives with several boxes of equipment. He sets to work in the staff room with his ever-present music soundtrack. Kevin, the cabinetmaker, brings his sketchpad, and we finalize the design of the first set of shelves to be made. Dave shows up to continue the punch list items and annoy the children's librarians who must clean up after him.

March 14 | The more things wind down, the crazier they get. I'm back at the library by 12:15pm after a Directors' meeting in Middletown. I half-expected the contractor's crew to be in the midst of patching the sheetrock in the children's room, but everything is quiet. Two minutes later, Bob and his installers show up with the black rubber tread for the elevator lobby stairs. John from Reddi-Alarm arrives with the alarm system WiFi sensor, which he installs over the future shelves where we will store books on hold. I finally decide on a color for the Behringer Room -- it's Farrow & Ball "Mizzle #266." Not too dark, not too light -- some mystical combination of blue, green and gray. I text Jerry from Floz-On to give him the good news, and he promises to be over on Thursday to review the paint schedule. The cabinetmaker texts to say he's found some birch bark inlay for our fiction room shelves. He'll also stop in tomorrow with sketches of the shelving. I've been trying to order lunch for the past two hours. Sometime after lunch, Tonie reminds me that I haven't gone through the mail. There's a an envelope from the Office of Building, Zoning and Planning, Administration and Enforcement. I figure it's another copy of the violations we need to take care of before the Building Inspector returns. To my utter surprise, there's a piece of pink paper inside. Across the top it reads CERTIFICATE of OCCUPANCY. I have to read it two more times before I realize that it's for an old job from 2010 which was never closed out property. Dave shows up at 4pm and to his credit patches the sheetrock next to Marybeth's desk and in the stairwell ceiling on the second floor. He'll be back tomorrow for more of the same.

March 12 | I telephone State Line Fire Inspection to add another extinguisher and mount two others we have on site. I also call Valentine Electric to upgrade and move an outlet that is partially obscured by a radiator. Bob, the carpet guy, visits with rubber tread material. The architect is concerned that the two-step stairs outside the elevator are a tripping hazard, and he thinks it necessary to differentiate between the landing and the next step. The rubber tread is left over from another of the carpet company's jobs, so no additional expense is incurred. Dave shows up late in the afternoon to mount the new mirror in the staff restroom. He's got a meeting so the other items on  the punch list will have to wait for another day (maybe even tomorrow). I get a call from Cindy at Blauvelt Wallcovering to say she's ready to install the shades on the Quiet Study Porch -- the very porch where Barry and I have set up our temporary office. He and I will need to clear or move our desks and boxes by Monday morning. It never stops.

March 10 | I check in briefly at the library and call Reddi-Alarm to ask about the NFPA 72 Record of Completion for our fire alarm system. John says he will forward it to the Fire Inspector directly. There are  holes around electrical outlets and cable runs that need to be patched. Dave said he will take care of those on Monday.

March 9 | Last night, the mirror in the staff restroom fell off the wall with a resounding crash (that's two out of two, if you're keeping score). While I'm at Lowe's buying (more) paint samples, a coat hanger, and replacement mirror, I return to find the Fire Inspector making his final walk-through (again). It just doesn't pay for me to leave the building. The cabinetmaker arrives to pick up his down payment and discuss the first phase of cabinetry (the long shelf against the gallery wall in the Fiction Room). We get into a discussion about boxing -- he trains young boxers at West Point -- and I introduce him to Wayne "Boss" Drummond, our Don Bosco running back whose NFL dream was cut short by a broken ankle. If there's anyone who needs a hobby, it's Boss. A half hour later, and the two of them are still in the Behringer Room sparring. This is why I became a librarian. Michael LaPlaca, stops by to offer his home for a fundraiser -- he'll cook Italian food from the Umbrian region for eight at his 19th century Dutch colonial home down the road on Western Highway. Again, why I became a librarian. The architect shows up at 3pm to pick up "The Portico Plan" (sounds like a John Grisham novel). I ask him when he will have the letter ready and he shrugs, but before the end of the day, I have a letter in my inbox affirming that the portico was built to code and is architecturally sound.

March 8 | I remember I need to pick up the portico plan at the Building Dept. and hustle over there. The plan is sitting on the counter within eyesight, but I wait to catch someone's eye before I grab it. Several minutes pass -- two women are talking with patrons that way. I let Ed and Dave know that the portico plan is in my possession and needs to get to our architect ASAP (who is unreachable by phone). The architect finally checks in to say he'll be by on Friday to pick up the plan. In the meantime, Dave drops in to review some issues over payment -- apparently, we were never billed for the floor in my office, and he's not sure who is responsible for the alarm system (I checked the plans and the contractor is).

March 7 | The snow doesn't really get going until noon. We have plenty of patrons stopping by and phone calls. I call over to the Building Dept. to ask Glenn if he has a plan drawing for the portico, and he promises to leave one at the front desk for me to pick up. I try to reach the architect by phone to no avail. I check in with Dave Sirois to ask when he's planning to install a hatch door where Design Air's crew cut a hole in the ceiling of the A/C closet. The crew tells me "Sir-Royce" will fix it (it's pronounced "Sir-Roy").

March 6 | Surprise, surprise: Reddi-Alarm arrives bright and early to clean out the smoke detectors on the Quiet Study Porch. Not as easy as it sounds, because they have to pitch a ladder over the chair I'm sitting in. They also mark smoke detector numbers and locations on a chart for the Fire Dept. and need to know the names of the various rooms. Since I call them something different every day, I have to pick and choose. I head to Modern Paint in Nanuet for paint samples for the Behringer Room -- I'm thinking teal. As soon as I return, the Building Inspector shows up -- thank god I was back, it was hard enough getting him here the first two times. I sign off on the open job tickets for an 2010 addition and a portico out back that nobody seems to have any knowledge of. Glenn says it will require an architect to specify that it was 1) Built to the plan, 2) Met code at the time of construction, and 3) Is architecturally sound, but since we can't locate any plans (it may have been thrown up sans permit), our architect is hesitant to make any claims he can't substantiate. I'm not sure where that leaves us, but I call Ed and Dave to update them. They were hoping for the CO this week (then they get the last 20% of the job), but it looks like it's going to be two weeks after the portico document is issued. Don't hold your breath.

March 5 | A very quiet Monday. The cabinetmaker checks in. As soon as he gets a check, he'll order materials. First up, the long shelf in the fiction room under the gallery wall. I ask Dave about the no-show Building Inspector, and he says the task of inspecting the premises has been kicked upstairs. The relatively new Head of the Building Department will take over on our job, and there could be delays. Just our luck. I request final checks for the carpeting and design drawings. The sun sets in the west.

March 2 | I'm late to work and the roads are slushing up. Tonie is here (bless her), and I send her home and call the rest of the staff and tell them to stay put. There's a faint alarm emanating from the elevator equipment room. The oil light is flashing, and Barry silences it, but the alarm soon resumes. I can see water running into the base of the shaft. Hopefully, the sump pump will take care of that. Design Air's truck pulls into the lot and three HVAC techs head upstairs to cut an access hole at the top of the A/C closet. Ask me if I knew they were coming today. Hector and Adolfo arrive lugging giant rolls of carpet. They make short work of the Behringer Room and by 1:30pm are out the door. Barry makes a video for our  Facebook page if you want to watch carpet pros in action. Bob, from CarpetsPlus, checks in on his crew's work. He tells me there are trees down everywhere. We get a steady stream of patrons and phone calls throughout the day. The Nor'easter blasts anyone entering or leaving by our red door -- there is a thundering bang every time it closes. All the computer regulars pop in, as well as a father and teen from Tappan, who is cramming for the Science Olympics in Scarsdale tomorrow (the power is out in their house). Go TZHS! Barry and I head home -- he to find there's no power in his house and me to a detour on 9W -- closed south of Closter Dock Road.

March 1 | The roofers showed up this morning. I spoke with Edward Corey who told me that they tore up the section where ice damming had occurred and could not find anything unusual. They re-sealed the roof and applied extra tar around the area. Trevor is patching the bare-naked Behringer Room in anticipation of Friday's carpeting. Kevin from Ravenwood Custom Cabinetry arrives early for our meeting to discuss phasing for the custom furnishings. He'll tackle shelving in the fiction area, then work his way around the room to the Circulation Desk. Joe returns with extinguishers and mounts all our equipment, so we are good to go for another year. 

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