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Tom Nussbaum

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When you reread a classic you do not see more in the book than you did before; you see more in you than was there before. ♦ Clifton Fadiman

Fresh Produce? We Got It!

The Blauvelt Free Library is now available as a pick-up spot for fresh produce and artisanal foods from small local farms. We've partnered with FIELD GOODS -- a food distributor representing Hudson Valley farmers -- to bring you the freshest vegetables and fruit from the region. Once you register with Field Goods online, you will be able to pick up your weekly bag (prices start at $16 for individuals and $32 for families) from the new front vestibule at the library on Thursdays any time between 4:30 and 9pm. Support local agribusiness and feed yourself and your family in style. Click here to get started: FIELD GOODS

Renovation Update | June 22, 2018

June 22 | I have a quick conversation with both cabinetmakers. Kevin will reimburse us the difference from the downpayment to what was actually completed, Richard of Polanco Mills visits to review the job in order to give us a new set of numbers. The Board will meet on Tuesday to sign off on the transition.

June 21 | The longest day of the year (in more ways than one). The cabinetmaker and his assistant add the birch accent panels to the shelving along the south wall of the fiction room. I give Kevin paperwork so we can finalize numbers on items he neglected to spec. That's when he tells me that the two brothers who work for him quit, and he won't be able to complete the job. That explains why the work was commencing soooo slowly -- Kevin was putting in 10-hour days by himself and commuting from Poughkeepsie to boot. Fortunately, I had a back-up cabinetmaker on standby -- one with a higher price tag but a much larger shop and the capability of turning out the furnishings in short order.

June 19 | The cabinetmaker and his helper install the untrimmed shelf bases against the south wall of the fiction room. He'll be back another day to add the counter, base cap and real bark trim.

June 17 | More cabinetry is assembled in the Behringer Room. The Marvin window people show up to troubleshoot broken window locks in the staff room and upstairs restroom. It seems that the painters like to remove them when they're prepping the windows, not realizing that there's a delicate piece of the lock that sometimes falls out. It will take 3 - 4 weeks before the new locks arrive.

June 13 | Kevin, the cabinetmaker, arrives solo to continue to put the finishing touches (trim, caps, bases) on the cabinets, which he's had stored in the Behringer Room. I speak to the landscaper about our plans for the lawn out back and the walkway -- we may decide to prep for that and install at a later date -- just to save money on bringing in earth-moving equipment. A supervisor from D + D Elevator appears to install the floor number 1A in the frame of the elevator door. Ed Cook, one of our contractors, runs over to meet with him. One of the elevator company's crew had talked to me about adding a heat pump in the oil tank -- said it would extend the life of the unit for over a decade. When I mentioned that to the supervisor he smiled and shook his head. He told me there was no reason to do that here.

June 12 | Sal of Landmark Irrigation is here in response to the landscaper's request. He's installing sprinkler heads around the perennial beds (now I don't have to water every other day). Kevin and a helper drag in a radial saw and set it up in the Behringer Room so they can put together the shelving on site. There's a movie going on one floor below. This could get interesting.

June 11 | The landscaper is here when I arrive. He's putting the last of the perennials to bed. The front of the building looks great (if I do say so myself). We're planning to put in a lawn out back and a walkway at the Western Highway side. The walkway may have to wait for funds to appear. Kevin, the cabinetmaker, brings in another load of shelves. They have inset panels of real cherry bark -- which is a really subtle and wonderful touch.

June 6 | The landscaper brings cartons full of Vinca (ground cover) to fill in around the perennials. He also places small trellises along the post and rail fence and plants starter Clematis vines against them.

June 5 | Ed Cook calls to inquire about progress with the elevator. He's withholding a small payment until we get our door frame numbers, paint touch-up and information on a heater for the oil tank. A faint alarm goes off periodically every time it rains.

June 4 | Steve Binder and Joaquin plant perennials across the front of the building. Steve has chosen a delicate blend of flowering plants that include: Yarrow, Sage, Heuchera, Coreopsis, and Lavender among others. Still to come is the clematis for the post and rail fence under the street sign.

June 1 | We lose the pin that fits inside the locking mechanism on the public restroom. I knew this day would come. I make a sign for the door handle and tell Dave who promises to inquire at Beckerle. Still bugging him about bugging the painters to return for touch-up and to stain the fire doors in the west wing entry.

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