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Tom Nussbaum

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Tax Season Is Upon Us

The library can help with all of your tax form needs. Click the links below for State and Federal tax forms and for a list of local libraries offering free tax aid through AARP. 


Forms are also available at the library. We receive a limited number of forms from the government but are able to print any and all you need from the website. As of this writing, the IRS has sent us print copies of the federal 1040 instruction booklets and 1040 and 1040 EZ forms. All other forms and instructions (both state and federal) must be obtained online (we will be more than happy to download them for you).

Information on e-filing, making a payment, checking your refund and registering for sales tax is available at

Notary Service Notice

One of our Notaries will be out for a month while on family leave (he became the proud poppa of a baby girl). Although, we have two other Notaries on staff, it might happen that we do not have complete coverage every hour we are open (as we do now). So please call ahead and make sure to come in when you know a Notary is available. One questionable time would be Monday evening. Friday evening we are closed. Weekend Notary service is not impacted. Kyle will return on Monday, February 26th, at which time we will resume full Notary service for every hour we are open.

Renovation Update | February 22, 2018

February 22 | Our plumber is coming to explore the heat issue. We are trying to close out all the loose ends in order to get a Certificate of Occupany (which is somewhat amusing since we've been "occupancing" the building without closing). Carpet for the Behringer Room is scheduled for next Thursday and Friday, so you know what my weekend is going to look like (moving and schlepping).

February 21 | The Fire Inspector swings by to okay the addition and relocation of the CO detectors. At 3pm, Mike Esmay (our architect), arrives for his final walk-through. He wants the heat balanced, the front door to open more easily, and he has some question about the HVAC unit in the basement. I point out paint touch-ups, the saddle in the main floor restroom needing grout, and small electrical issues -- a missing switch plate and an automatic sensor that shuts off after one minute, leaving one stranded on the toilet in the dark. I walk Mike out, and the air is so soft and sweet.

February 20 | What a day. First up, is Cindy and Larry to measure the windows in the Quiet Study Porch for shades. They are followed by Steve Binder, our landscaper. We walk the grounds and discuss what has to be done -- there's a lot to remember (much of it detailed) and I am not taking notes. He's promised to get me a quote for hedges and perennials for the front entrance. There's definitely a lack of heat in the building, and when a rep from Design Air shows up looking for filters and an exhaust fan, I put him to work tracking the source of the problem. Dave and his wife arrive (she's met him here with lunch), and I get to hear the job described through the eyes of a contractor's spouse. She admits how much he's enjoyed it. Him, not so much. Dave installs two more CO detectors and repositions two more, but best of all is the pineapple. Since we expect record-breaking warm weather, Dave is able to glue and mount the carved wooden house number with the golden pineapple in the front door. The pineapple was a symbol of hospitality in colonial times.

February 19 | Technically, we're closed today, but you'd never know it. Patrons drift in and out, and I meet with the cleaning company about upgrading our service to accommodate the expanded footprint. Blauvelt Wallcovering also checks in -- we're getting close to ordering shades for the very sunny Quiet Study Porch. Barry and I empty, then dismantle metal bookshelves in the Behringer Room. We re-install them in the staff room and re-load the books. This will be their temporary headquarters until new shelving is built. We clear out tables and set them up in the lobby and fiction area.

February 18 | I could tell even before I went to sleep that the roads would be fine. I don't even have to re-shovel the front walk.and our plow guy is shoveling the main entrance when I wake up. On my way to move my car, I notice that the plow has ruptured the asphalt in the driveway between the post office and the library. Remember this name: Absolute Landscaping. I'm absolutely going to have a talk with these people.

February 17 | I process books and help patrons with tax forms and résumé submissions. A woman who is redecorating her house wants to know which paint colors I've used, and we walk around the building room by room. For the record: main floor walls > Farrow + Ball "String 8." Accent wall = Benjamin Moore "Caliente." Public restroom wainscotting = BM Louisberg Green, wall = F + B "Lyme White." Staff room = Sherwin Williams "Svelte Sage." Staff Restroom wainscotting > BM Shade Grown, walls = Valspar "Desert Bone." Quiet Study Porch walls = BM "Atmospheric." Second floor family restroom, wainscotting = F + B "Wimbourne White," walls = BM "Dress Blue." StoryCraft Cottage walls = F + B "Lyme White.

When the doors close at 5pm, I first begin to tackle my task. I make a little headway filing papers in the great room, when out of the corner of my eye, I catch a  mouse dart across the floor. I gather up the trash and recyclables and move them to the front hallway bins. I decide to give the mouse his space and watch "And Justice for All" with Al Pacino at the circulation desk computer. I take photos of the storm through the windows and text them to Barry. Sometime around 1am I resume filing. I've got plastic file bins scattered on tables throughout the room. At around 2am, the sound of snowplows drives me to the front door. The strip mall's plow man is pushing 12-ft high mounds up against the Japanese Maple, I fought long and hard to transplant from the rear lawn. He's also ramming his plow up against the paving blocks that Ed Cook's crew so lovingly laid. I run down the walkway yelling: "Isn't there anywhere else you can put this snow? This happens every year. Watch the tree, please." He looks contrite (which makes me feel bad) and tells me he will try next time. I grab a shovel dig the drifts out from around the tree. I knock snow off the branches of the maple and an ornamental Chinese Snowbell that is so beautifully adorned with delicate white flowers in early Spring (hard to believe that it's only weeks away). I shovel the path and push snow off my car so I can move it to the front lot until the side lot is plowed. My shoulders ache, I forget about the mouse and I curl up on the couch and drift off to sleep.

February 16 | I clear out my stuff from under the sink in the new StoryCraft Cottage so Marybeth can move in her children's room supplies. The Fire Inspector is meeting Ed Cook here at 1:30pm to approve the location of the carbon monoxide detectors. Ed forgets to show -- Dave's got him digging out the parking area at his house. Doug Sampeth and I conduct a walk-through and I impart his instructions to the boys -- need two more detectors, move two detectors. The carpet guy picks up a check for the Quiet Study Porch. Next job: Clearing out the Behringer Room for carpet. Barry and I visit our storage pods so I can remember what's in them. I have so much to do that I am frozen with inertia. When I leave for the night, I notice that the storage door is open (although the lock is tightly secured). I prop the door closed with a board and text Barry who returns with the key sometime during the night.

February 15 | Jim and Jeff from Design Air are the first to arrive with a vent cover for the public restroom and duct covers for the A/C vents in the Quiet Study Porch, where they route the cuts in the basement to the porch. The carpet is dark gray and the duct covers a bright white -- you can see them from space. Bob from CarpetsPlus appears midday to pick up his sample placard and inspect the porch. Dave is here before two to make some adjustments to the book bin fire door before the Building Inspector shows up. We'll need the Fire Inspector to sign off on the carbon monoxide detectors and we're still short paperwork on the elevator, which neither Ed nor I seem to remember getting. I speak with the elevator rep and he tells me the paperwork was never finalized. They are coming next week to touch up scratches in the door and change the numbers to better describe the floors (and half floor). After Glen leaves, Ed, Dave and I stand around the fireplace with exhausted smiles on our faces. We share an unspoken moment over what we've accomplished, the enormity of it all. We've reached the end of the rainbow, and there's a pot of gold glinting on the horizon. I could use a stiff drink but settle for a bag of cheddar popcorn.

February 14 | Happy Valentine's Day. Adolfo and Hector arrive at 9am to lay down carpet in the Quiet Study Porch. Dom from Design Air is on his way to show them how he would like it to fit around the A/C ducts. They get a little testy because they don't want to wait. Dave stops in (without chocolate, flowers or a pony) to mount the carbon monoxide detectors, hang a mirror (to replace the one that shattered), re-mount a thermostat in the Quiet Study Porch, put the two globes on the ceiling fixtures, and remove the orange plastic protective caps from the smoke detectors (not an easy feat given the high ceilings in the children's area). Dave doesn't care for the mirror I picked, Adolfo doesn't like the way the carpet tread looks at the second floor landing. Everybody's a critic. We still need a few other things (A/C vent, fire door sign) before the Building Inspector returns tomorrow afternoon for a follow-up visit. It's only 2pm, and I've run out of steam.

February 13 | I forgot I had to work last night (subbing for Kyle who is on paternity leave), so I never did get to CarpetsPlus. Trevor patches the Quiet Study Porch for tomorrow's carpeting. Dave begs off today and promises to install carbon monoxide detectors Wednesday. I tell him if he shows up on Valentine's Day he better bring flowers, chocolates and a pony. A pair of Design Air techs visit to inspect our A/C units, which means I have to escort them through the dirtiest parts of the building (cellar and attic). I was hoping to have one day where I didn't carry construction silt home in my hair and clothes. Two elderly women who are here for the movie tell me I need a coat and purse hook in the new public restroom. Duly noted. I head over to CarpetsPlus to check out the flooring.

February 12 | It's awfully quiet around here. We are waiting for punch list items to be taken care of -- the ones the Building Inspector pointed out. I confirm with Home Depot that the Carbon Monoxide Detectors are in stock, while Barry dismantles the metal shelving on the porch. We drag everything into the staff room, so we have more flexibility and won't have to set up shelving only to take it down again. The mirror in the second floor family restroom slips from the wall and shatters. Good thing no one was in there at the time. I texted the contractor about it early this morning when it was askew. He's not returning any of my texts today. I let the carpet guy know that the Quiet Study Porch will be cleared, and he confirms that it will be patched tomorrow and carpeted on Wednesday. I'm going to visit the CarpetsPlus showroom this evening and have a look at waterproof wood-look plank flooring for the Community Room (which desperately needs a makeover). The contractor finally gets back to me at 4pm. He's wondering if the broken mirror means that he's cursed. Only by me, I assure him.

February 11 | I stop at the Abram Demaree Homestead, a buy-and-sell shop in Closter, NJ for some decorative items. One is a farm table from the 1800s, which requires a call to Barry. He hops in his decommissioned ambulance and is there within 25 minutes. I also picked up a small wooden cradle for the children's room, a Beatrix Potter print, and a large banner.

February 9 | Inspection Day! Whew, what a morning. Jorge is the first to arrive and Jaime follows soon after. I put them to work bringing the boxes of leftover tiles to the basement (they were sitting in the fireplace). Jorge also removes the temporary (seems like forever) door separating the construction zone from the west wing. Tom handles the delicate work -- hanging the green shelf and toilet roll holder in the main floor public restroom. He also takes the old wood planks I salvaged from our pile out back and splits one into two pieces lengthwise. He adds seven lovely little knobs I got at Lowe's and mounts the whole thing at the top of the red accent wall, so we can hang seasonal displays there without damaging the paint. It also works to tie that wall to the timber over the entrance and the one at the fireplace. Dave shows up to install the new copper light in the restroom and hang the mirror. For a room with a toilet, it's mighty inviting (add a good book and you'd never leave). I vacuum the vestibule and remove all extraneous objects -- wheelchair, table, ladders, paint. Jorge sweeps out the fireplace and I vacuum it and insert a faux log fire, which makes a crackling sound when the little aluminum brush inside spins. Ed Cook arrives. The stage is set for Glen Maier, the Building Inspector, who shows up around ten minutes after ten. Before we do the walk-through, he tells us that the permit for the previous addition (a ten-foot bump-out of the east wall in 2010) was never finalized. Ed gets on the phone with the architect, Bob Hoene, and twenty minutes later, the contractors are paying $350 for a letter from Bob signing off on the job. Glen has a question about skylights, which no longer exist, and the portico to the vestibule out back. We also need to install more carbon monoxide detectors, grills for the A/C vents and a label on the book bin fire door. Not bad, everyone agrees. I got so caught up staging the premises for the inspection that Tonie has to remind me to do the payroll. I make use of Tom's mounting rack and drape some white branches against the red backdrop. Barry has to keep the building open for the Box Scouts who are in the Community Room weighing Pinewood Derby entries until 9pm. In the meantime, Barry and I keep busy offloading books from the long metal bookshelf on the Quiet Study Porch in preparation for carpeting the space. About halfway through, we finally develop a rhythm and line up the books on the floor of the fiction room just behind the computers. It is dirty, backbreaking work that ends at 11pm. Not too terrible a time. When I get home, I sit down on the couch, my head inclines, and I don't wake up for four hours.

February 8 | Ed Cook stops in early to pick up his check. The carpet crew arrives shortly thereafter to finish up with the stairs and vestibule. They will return for the porch and Behringer Room as soon as we clear them out. Bob, the carpet guy, brings me samples for a wood-look divider where the new and old carpet meet in the Children's Room (anything but the shiny gold metal strip that's there now). We also discuss flooring in the Community Room -- boy, does that room ever need a makeover, especially since the rest of the library has been upgraded. Craig stops by to activate the computer cables in the fiction area, and we move the equipment from the Behringer Room onto temporary folding tables until a counter is built. The whole operation takes about 30 minutes and does the trick. At the same time, Jerry from Floz-on, shows up to talk paint for the Behringer Room and lower level Community Room, and stain for the fire doors in the west wing, which Dave will install. It's not until 11:45am that I sit down and catch my breath. The Building Inspector is due at 10am tomorrow. I speak with Dave later in the day -- he'll send two men on Friday morning to take care of some loose ends before the inspector arrives. We need to get the unused tile boxes out of the fireplace, hang a shelf, mount a light. I'm sitting at the computer in the new space writing this. When I look over my shoulder it's like a dream come true. Kids are playing on the newly-carpeted stairs -- running amok, unfettered, buoyant. I can barely contain my joy.

February 7 | 6:15am. I arrive early to beat the snow. Let's see if the carpet guys show up. They do, around 9:30am. It looks like we are the only library open in the entire system. They finish the main floor up to the elevator without being impeded by much foot traffic, since the snow and ice storm keep most people from venturing out.

February 6 |  The electrician is sitting in the parking lot when I arrive at 7:35am. Of course, I wasn't told he was coming, which is why I live in fear every morning that someone will come and go before I get to work. Edwin is here to install the hand dryer, light switch, and heater in the main floor public restroom. We take note of the holes with protruding wires that indicate where fire alarm sensors are still to come, and I call John at Reddi-Alarm to arrange a visit. Lo and behold, Tom Oswald returns to attack the punch list items that have been lingering. Dave swings by briefly with the saddle in hand, and is pressed into service helping Tom mount the restroom door. Tom sets the saddle for the restroom entry, adjusts the hole for the hand dryer, mounts the shelf over the toilet (it was originally part of the vanity that we had to take apart in order to fit the faucet). Helen Potter appears -- she wants to see images on screen that she is using as a reference to make paintings for the little frames over the doors in the 1852 wing, as a thank-you for the 20 times I've edited her cat story. The cement floor patching for the main level continues unabated, creating all sorts of havoc for those trying to get to the Behringer Room or the toilet. Dare I say, it's a zoo!! Bob, the carpet guy, shows up to confer with his installers as they plan in which direction the carpet is laid. In advance of the storm, they bring in giant rolls of carpet and store them in the fiction area. After 6pm, Barry and I move my desk (which is in sections) out of the StoryCraft Cottage (my former office) and into the adjacent children's area, so the "cottage" is free and clear of obstruction. My desk will be used by Marybeth with the addition of new custom built-in shelving.

February 5 |  The carpet guy laid down a coat of a cement-based patching compound over the fiction room floor and parts of the lobby. He arrived late and left early. I look for examples of vintage pub signs online as a template for creating a sign for the "StoryCraft Cottage," which we will dedicate in memory of our beloved Children's Library Assistant, Mary deLisser.

February 3 |  Barry and I spend most of the day cleaning up the construction site for the return of the carpet guys on Monday. We move book bins, a chalkboard, paint sample cans, chairs, and other detritus from the site, then vacuum up the insidious construction silt over and over. We sing "Lean on Me" and "Going to the Chapel" like we are toiling on a prison chain gang. The acoustics in these empty rooms are fabulous!

February 2 |  Punxsatawney Phil sees his shadow. You know what that means . . . six more weeks of construction! Johnny from Reddi-Alarm arrives to "suck the code" (his words) out of the fire alarm panel and program in new descriptions. Bob from CarpetsPlus stops by to confirm the carpet plan for next Monday. He's just come from the barber and smells good. After hours, Barry and I tackle the clouds in the vestibule. We each set up ladders and take a side, adding peach and purple, he more thickly than I. The results are mixed, and we work for several hours before knocking off. Barry designates me the official cloud accent color painter going forward and takes himself out of the running.

February 1 |  A flurry of activity first thing. The plumbers arrive to install a baseboard heater in the main floor public restroom. They also connect our sink and install a toilet. Dave appears briefly to confer with Carmine, then is called away on another job. Barry, Marybeth and I move the green loveseat into the new children's anteroom and load it with puppets. I bring the poster for the staff restroom to the framers.

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