A planning meeting to prepare for the upcoming snapping turtle egg-laying season on Western Highway between Leber Rd. and O'Sullivan's Landscaping, which occurs every year between mid-May and mid-June. The organization, under the auspices of the Hudson Valley Humane Society, was formed to protect female snappers who emerge from the Hackensack River and cross Western Highway to lay eggs. Volunteers station themselves along the route and flag down cars while the turtles cross. In recent years, a successful initiative to reprogram the turtles to lay eggs on the river side of the road has been undertaken, via installation of a long fence of black plastic that is repaired annually as, to encourage the snappers to use fresh mounds of dirt piled on in front of the barrier. This is important because of the slow maturation of the species, which has lost reproductive adults faster than they can be replaced. The Turtles of Western Hwy holds an informational meeting in the library on "World Turtle Day",  May 23rd of each year, with live turtles and expert speakers on hand.