Dominican College Study Group.

Organizational meeting for parents. Not a Library Program.

Chris Raccioppi private art lesson.

Boy Scout Pack 55 meeting. NOTE: February 4th meeting temporarily changed to February 11 at 5:30 (pending confirmation).

Cub Scout Meeting.

The County Exective's Office will sponsor a discussion on shared services. Open to the public... more information to come as it is released.

Private non-profit group.

A grass roots awareness group that acts as a watchdog to ensure a high standard of air quality in Orangetown. Not a Library event.

A group of seniors who asked the library for a space to bring in a writing teacher to help them craft "letters to the future". Registration is closed.

Pack 55 Arrow of Light meeting.

Group dedicated to senior independent living.

Toastmasters special meeting (monthly meetings are on the first and thrid Monday), For info, call John Carey at 914 429-1988.

Representatives of the Rockland County Office for the Aging will be in the library lobby to answer questions and explain programs.

"There are more than 65,000 people in Rockland County over the age of 60. We assist older residents and their families to get information about programs available to them. We provide a variety of programs, either through our own efforts or through partners. The programs are designed to maintain maximum independence in the home and provide employment and volunteer activities. Advocacy by and for the elderly is our prime activity."

Short budgetary meeting.

Summer is a time of acute blood need, and The New York Blood Center will have representatives at the library to collect donations from 3:30 to 8:00pm. Ages 16 and up may donate (16-year-olds need parental permission). Those who donate earn a voucher for two free Mets tickets. We will have information soon with a link to pre-register to become a donor (walk-ins are accepted but registration is preferred).

Non-Profit Group, non-library sponsored meeting.

Cub Scout Meeting.

Private meeting. Group will meet on first Monday of the month, starting in June, in the 2nd Floor Office Suite.

Pack 55 meets in the Community Room from1 - 3 pm.

Meeting of Troop 55 adults and members in the Community Room, lowest floor.

"Protecting our Neighborhoods" - a talk with Orangetown Supervisor, Chris Day.Topics may include: Suburban Zoning, Regulatory Enforcement, Guarding Against Overdevelopment. All are Welcome.

Sponsored by the Blauvelt-Orangeburg Republican Club.

Club members and any interested parties will stay for the regular club meeting after the talk.

A planning meeting to prepare for the upcoming snapping turtle egg-laying season on Western Highway between Leber Rd. and O'Sullivan's Landscaping, which occurs every year between mid-May and mid-June. The organization, under the auspices of the Hudson Valley Humane Society, was formed to protect female snappers who emerge from the Hackensack River and cross Western Highway to lay eggs. Volunteers station themselves along the route and flag down cars while the turtles cross. In recent years, a successful initiative to reprogram the turtles to lay eggs on the river side of the road has been undertaken, via installation of a long fence of black plastic that is repaired annually as, to encourage the snappers to use fresh mounds of dirt piled on in front of the barrier. This is important because of the slow maturation of the species, which has lost reproductive adults faster than they can be replaced. The Turtles of Western Hwy holds an informational meeting in the library on "World Turtle Day",  May 23rd of each year, with live turtles and expert speakers on hand.

Meets in the Quiet Study  Annex

Girls will learn about internet and social website safety. Limited to troop members.

Meets in the 2nd Floor Studio

Non-library sponsored program

Contact: April Rizzardi

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