Visit each of the 5 South Orangetown libraries beginning September 8, and look for pictures or items hidden in windows, around the building, --even perhaps on trees! Grab a clue sheet to help you find the 25 items (5 per library) and when you've answered and found all 25, write your name, phone number and age on the sheet and drop it in any library bookdrop for a chance at a raffle prize! 

Scavenger hunt runs from September 8 - 30.

Wear your jammies and snuggle with a stuffed pal while you listen to 30 minutes of stories and songs. Register to receive the Zoom link: email by 6pm with child's name and age.

Listen to a fun read aloud and play a trivia game as we find out different ways to deliver water to our homes. Email or call 845-359-2811 to register and receive the Zoom link.

Abigail from Cornell Cooperative Extension will speak about fishing in the Hudson River and read a story.

Join Marybeth on Thursdays for a story and some science facts. Do a simple experiment with household items. Email for the Zoom link.

Join Marybeth for a fun 30 minute storytime on Zoom. Email by 9:30am Friday for the Zoom link:

Join Fran Live on our Facebook page for stories and songs!

Watch the premier of a brand new video filmed just for that week by Miss Fran, with songs and brand new stories!

Make a fun caterpillar craft with Miss Nicole. Have a parent or caregiver help you assemble these things:

Paper (colored construction paper is great!)
A ruler
Colored markers
A glue stick
Straws or sticks (for the antennae!)

Tune in at 2 pm on Tuesday, June 9 for the fun instructions with Miss Nicole.

Join Matt Mazur from Turtle Dance Music for a virtual live music show to kick off the summer reading program! A collaborative program from the Mighty Five Libraries! Must register to receive the link for the show. Please send an Email with child(ren)'s name & age to

Join Marybeth for a fun 30 minute storytime on Zoom. Email by 9:30am Friday for the link:

Join Marybeth for a 30 minute storytime on Zoom. Email by 9:30 am Wednesday for the link.

Sing songs, read stories and do a simple craft with Miss Fran on FACEBOOK LIVE> Go to "Miss Fran Music" on Facebook.

Stories, songs and fun with Miss Marybeth. This is a Zoom event. Email for the link.

Meet exotic and indigenous animals!

Community Room | Registration required | Limit 25

For all summer reading club members. Receive your prize for finishing the program, play bingo and enjoy ice cream

Community Room | Registration required

Discover the differences between frogs and toads with live amphibians.

Children's Room | Limit 12

Join Janet for a hands-on demonstration making animal tracks, followed by scavenger hunt throughout the library, finding and identifying animal tracks. Earn your Master Tracker certificate! Prizes! 

Community Room | Registration required | Limit 15

Solve the riddle of what happens when the Sun and Moon compete for control of winter. Treats and a craft, too.

Storycraft Cottage | Registration required | Limit 8

Meet animals who are heroes in their daily lives. A Collaborative program with the Blauvelt, Palisades, Piermont and Tappan libraries. Please register at your home library.

For ages 4 & up | Manse Barn, Tappan | Limit 25 per library

Hear the tale of the Magical Forest of Cree. Who will win the battle between the squirrel families? Play a game and make a secret recipe mix.

Grades 1 - 3 | Storycraft Cotttage | Limit 8

A fun packed S.T.E.A.M. program that investigates the world of root vegetables. Hands-on activities, sampling, games and goody bags!

Storycraft cottage | Limit 15 | Must register

Fun facts about the red and grey squirrels of Scotland. Take a virtual journey there and make some trail mix!

Children's Room | Registration required | Limit 8

For all participants in our Summer Reading program! Bring your logs and receive a prize for finishing!

Community Room | Registration required |

Explore rocks, minerals and crack a geode!

Community Room | Registration required | Limit 25

Learn about strange and wonderful exotic jungle birds with Cornell Cooperative Extension. Games and goodies, too!

Children's Room | Registration required | Limit 15

Rhymes, Puppets, Books and Songs

Ages 6mos. to 15mos. |  Storycraft Cottage | Limit 8

Build glow-in-the-dark structures, crack secret spy codes, play games like Toilet Paper Olympics and more! A fun way to learn math with your friends! Please commit to 8 meetings

Mondays 3/26 to 5/14 | Children's & Community Room | Limit 16

Learn about different kinds of maple syrup and taste test them on yummy waffles!

Children's Room | Registration required | Limit 8

Hear stories and make a Valentine for a BFF or family member

Children's Room | Registration requested | Limit 12

Wear your jammies and bring a stuffed pal while you enjoy stories and make a winter craft.

Children's Room |  Registration requested | Limit 12.

January 23 class is canceled due to illness. Watch for another date.

Practice your coding skills with the Minecraft Hour of Code!

4:30pm | Registration required | Limit 12

Learn about the different ways animals prepare for winter with stories, games and a craft.

Children's room | Registration required | Limit 15

Enjoy a folk tale from Thailand about yard spirits that protect homes from mischief, then decorate an authentic spirit house and make an exotic dessert for your yard spirits!

Children's Room | Registration required | Limit 8

Have fun building with Duplo blocks

10:30 to 12pm | Children's Room | Drop-in

Join the Master Gardeners and discover the world of bees. Games and a craft, too.

Find out how grapes are grown in New York state, sample different juices and vote for the best one!

Learn about the basics of Java coding by using Minecraft. Bring a laptop.

Community Room | Registration required | Limit 12

Have fun coding with Scratch, which was invented by MIT
professors to help kids learn basic coding principles. Bring your laptop.

Community Room | Registration required | Limit 12

Enjoy a stretch as you bond with your child

Community Room | Registration required | Limit 10

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