Hayden Planetarium Scientist and Former News 12 weather person, Joe Rao has become a popular science presenter online. The Affable Astronomer projects the enthusiasm he holds for all things celestial, including possible science behind the Christmas Star. Various timelines are brought together, mixing astronomical fact with stories from myth and history to arrive at plausible events that might hang a bright orb in the sky at the time of the 3 Wise Men's journey. Joe follows the science, but he also allows for the possibility of the miraculous in this enjoyable holiday excursion.

This is planned to be a virtual event, as Joe won't begin in-person visits until the health atmosphere has stabilized. No matter, though, because his experience in front of the camera presents so well on Zoom, and he smoothly integrates Power Point images over his narration... "just like on TV"!

Email Barry at or call him at 845 359-2811 to register for the link.