Make a holiday ornament!

Children's room | Registration required | Limit 12

Make Native American symbols and pin them on the library's full size Tipi, and make a small tipi of your own.

Attention Pre-schoolers! Make a cool tabletop decoration.

Storycraft cottage | Registration required | Limited to 12

Join us for fun-filled food crafts!

Children's Room | Registration required | Limit 12

Make a 3D Owl with fleece and pillow stuffing!

Children's Room | Registration required | Limit 12

Decorate a wreath with colorful pom-poms.

Children's Room |  Registration required | Limit 12     

Make a colorful centerpiece for the holiday table using evergreens and handmade crafts.

Community room | Registration required | Limit 15

We dig art! Join us for an art adventure using a variety of materials.

Children's Room | Registration | Limit 8

8/1  Build out of the box with craft sticks!

8/8  Color and build a house

Children's Room | Registration required| Limit 15

Stories, a craft and more with Miss Carol! Create the three little pigs, their houses and of course, the wolf! For ages 5 to 7, limit 25. Please call, drop by, or email Miss Marybeth to register --

Fun holiday-themed craft for the youngest

Allow 1 hour | Children's Room

Join Marybeth to honor a veteran's military service by making him or her a handmade valentine

Children's Room | Drop in between 11 to 5pm

Learn while you create your masterpiece

Jan 19 |  Trace and paint a snowflake
Feb 9  |  Make a valentine

Children's Room | Registration required | Limit to 15

Learn about herbs and spices and make a cinnamon pinecone creature

Children's Room | Registration required | Limit to 12

Make some picnic foods and feast

Limit 12 | Registration required

Every Wednesday + Thursday Ÿ 2 - 3 pm Ÿ CHILDREN’S ROOM

Join us for stories, puppets, songs, and a craft

Tuesdays | 4 - 5 pm | CHILDREN’S ROOM

June 28       Tic-Tac-Toe + Achi Boards
July 5          Mancala Game + Play
July 19        Color Run Art + Science Activity
July 26        Travel Checkers + Play
August 2     Light-Up Fireflies + Magic

Limit 15 | Registration required

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