Max, Gidget, Snowball & the rest of the gang are back! Enjoy some popcorn too!

Storycraft cottage | Drop-in| rated PG; 86min.

An animated true story about a dog who became a hero on the battlefields of Europe during WWI. 94 minutes long, rated (PG).

Sgt. Stubby was a stray terrier adopted by an Robert Conroy, an American soldier. The pup showed his courage during the battles, and was awarded several medals. After the war, he met the President of the US, and became very famous.

Enjoy popcorn, and take home a Sgt. Stubby paper bag hand puppet that you can color!

See the Sgt. Stubby trailer here:

Mom Helen is in the spotlight while Dad Bob stays home with the kids. Will they be able to defeat the supervillains?

Storycraft Cottage | Drop-in | Popcorn, too!

Join Dug, Hognob and their tribe as they try to defeat Lord Nooth and save their home.

89min | rated PG | Storycraft Cottage

Peter sneaks into McGregor's veggie garden and the "war" begins!

Drop-in | Community Room | Rated PG | 89min. | Popcorn, too!

Gru's long lost brother Dru convinces him to partner up with him in order to pull off a not so legal heist to outwit their arch enemy, Balthazar Bratt.

Children's Room | Drop-in | Popcorn, too!

PG | 104 min

Can Batman overcome his greatest fear and foil the Joker's latest evil deed? A spin-off of the Lego Movie that focuses on Batman, the superhero. Popcorn, too!

Ten-year-old Sophie befriends a gentle giant, but their friendship attracts the attention of
other giants who are not nearly as nice. With the help of Queen Victoria, Sophie and the
BFG (Big Friendly Giant) attempt to rid England of evil giants Bloodbottler and Fleshlumpeater.

Rated PG | 117 m | Community Room | Popcorn, too!

Find out why the happy, flightless birds on an island become angry.

Rated PG | 97 m | Community Room | Popcorn, too!

Bring your brainpower to play with friends and like-minded kids.
Boards and pieces are supplied.

Children's Room | Drop in

Chessboards and pieces provided by the library

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