Lori Gordon is the good health guru at Organica, a natural foods and supplements store in nearby Northvale, NJ. Lori will give participants an insider's view of what to take from among the confusing array of supplements, tinctures, vitamins, teas, salves and homeopathics used to treat common, everyday ailments. Discover surefire remedies for bruises, pain, itching and a myriad of digestive and intestinal issues. Learn what supplements support your immune system and avoid the perils of the upcoming cold and flu season. Discover ways to combat insulin resistance, inflammation, anxiety and fatigue. Lori has personally tested hundreds of products in her quest to recommend the ones that produce the best results. You will be able to stock your own all-natural, health-oriented "medicine" chest for every season and become the hero of your family. Lori will be happy to answer questions throughout the presentation.