Join Peppa & family for Daddy Pig's Halloween party & more "Peppasodes"

Storycraft Cottage | Drop-in | Snacks too!

The pups get power from a meteor and use it to stop the mayor and his nephew from taking over. Popcorn, too!

Storycraft cottage | Drop-in

Rated TV-Y; 65 minutes. Drop in and enjoy popcorn while you watch.

Join Peppa for more adventures!

Storycraft Cottage | Drop-in | Popcorn, too!

Twelve "Peppasodes" to keep your little ones busy!

Storycraft Cottage | Drop-in

Join the pups in their Halloween adventures as they encounter a ghostly pirate ship, a spooky cabin, and more!

Storycraft Cottage | Drop-in | Popcorn, too!


Enjoy 6 episodes of Max And Ruby's bunny adventures! 48min.

Storycraft Cottage | Drop-in



Watch six Peppasodes and have fun with Peppa, her brother George, and their Mummy & Daddy!

Storycraft Cottage | Drop-in

Join Curious George as he shares some Valentine Cheer

Children's Room | Drop-in |

Join Peppa and her brother George for some adventures!

Children's Room | 60 min. | Popcorn, too!

 Join the pups on their rescue missions!

45min. | Community Room | Drop-in

Lightning McQueen and his pal Mater head overseas to compete in the world Grand Prix Race.


Children's room | 102 min | Popcorn, too!

30 minutes running time. Popcorn, too! Will be shown in Children's Room

Thomas enters the Great Railway Show and competes with some of the
world's finest locomotives.

NR | 45 m | Community Room


Join Sofia on her quest to find a secret library and rescue the brother
of Minimus. Special guests: Olaf and Princess Merida!

Rated TV-Y | 40 m | Community Room | Popcorn, too!

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