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Blauvelt Free Library

Renovation Update | January 19, 2017

January 19 | At 7:30 in the morning, electricians are swarming all over the building to figure out how to snake conduit through our unforgiving stone walls. There is a lot of head scratching and cell phone calls. By midday, a path for electricals has been created inside the casings covering the ceiling beams. Meanwhile, the tower workers continue to raise the elevator shaft, which is about 5 feet short of its full height.

January 16 - 17 | Rain forces the tower builders to cease with 15 more feet left to construct. Cut-outs in the tower for the two elevator doors bring rain and cold air into the building. A steady stream of water pours into the shaft from a wayward downspout. Electricians are about to wire the porch for the work counter when the architect arrives, and we rethink the position of the outlets -- no use forcing patrons to their knees as they crawl under the tabletop to plug in their laptops. Constant decisions to be made.

January 11 - 13 | The concrete block elevator shaft rises anew. On Friday, framers cut through the roofline of the Behringer Room and porch so that masons could snug the shaft up against the building. Meanwhile, masons labored below grade to shore up the natural sandstone wall in the elevator's maintenance room.

January 4 - 5 | Seven concrete steps were framed and poured at the base of the basement staircase leading down to the soon-to-be elevator lobby. On Thursday, the masonry crew cut through the concrete block wall to create a door into the elevator's maintenance room (located under the Quiet Study Annex). Blocks will also be delivered for continuing construction of the elevator shaft, scheduled for Monday, January 9th. Oh, and the flowering cherry tree from the front lawn has finally found a new home nestled beneath the towering pine out back.

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Rail Trail Open for Business | August 25, 2016

During the week of August 22nd, benches, a garbage receptacle and a two-sided kiosk were installed. The library was responsible for one side of the kiosk which describes the history of the railroad and its relation to the library. The grass has been mowed in preparation for inspection by Orangetown administrators. Removable wooden security stanchions were locked in place to prevent errant vehicles from cruising on the walkway. The whole scene is really quite impressive. If you haven't had a look, please stop on over. Dog walkers, cyclists and joggers have already made it a favorite destination.

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