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Blauvelt Free Library

Telephone Issues

While our new phone system is being installed, we are experiencing brief (and not so brief) outages. If you need to reach the library and cannot get through, call Laura on her cell phone at 201 749-0368. We apologize for the inconvenience, but what can you do? Everybody into the pool!!

Summer Reading Club 2017 | Begins Thursday, June 15th

The children's Summer Reading Club is fast approaching. This year's theme is "Build a Better World." The three reading groups are: "Read-to-Me" for kids ages 1 to 4 years, grades K to 5 and grades 6 to 12. Register at the library from 10am to 6pm any day beginning on Thursday, June 15th and pick up your bag of goodies. Readers will receive stickers for books read and weekly prizes for book reporting. There are also weekly raffles and a special prize for completing the program. As always, our Big Brochure features Summer Reading events for all of the "Mighty Five" South Orangetown libraries in one handy listing. Pick up a copy at any participating library (Blauvelt, Orangeburg, Palisades, Piermont, Tappan) or have a look at the brochure here.

Two Open Trustee Positions | Board Election on June 20 at 7pm

Please note, Board meeting date has changed, and we are meeting on the 3rd Tuesday of the month in June, not the 4th Tuesday.

The Blauvelt Free Library will be electing two new trustees at our June 20th Board meeting. Trustees serve for three-year terms with a maximum of three terms (nine years). Board meetings are held at 7pm on the fourth Tuesday of each month except July and August. The first meeting with our newly-elected trustees will be held on September 27, 2017, just about the time that our renovated library will be celebrating the completion of an 8-month long renovation project. Interested candidates should submit a résumé to Laura Grunwerg by June 15th or email  her at:

Renovation Update | June 18, 2017

June 18 | The wall on Saturday never got built, but Barry and I cleared out my office, working well into the wee hours of Saturday morning (nothing like the proverbial gun to the head). Instead, the renovation crew fashioned a temporary enclosure that will allow access to the main level toilet, once the restroom on the second floor is demolished.

June 16 -17 | More data runs are installed and the A/C crew finishes up running ductwork for the second floor unit. The contractor tells us that he is coming for my office on Saturday. They will be building a wall 12 inches out from the existing wall to seal off the construction zone, which will encompass my office and the adjacent restroom and storage closet.

June 14 | I meet with Robin of Foley Signs to preview dimensional lettering that will arc over the main entrance and spell out: "Blauvelt Free Library." The phone installer scampers across the roof to rerun all the scattered cables draped across the eaves in an effort to make order from chaos.

June 12 | Roofers install the last of three skylights under a blazing sun. Air conditioning techs labor in the heat as they continue to install ductwork in the new office suite. I meet with the two contractors, the architect and lighting planner to hash out expensive upgrades required for a beefed-up electrical system. We approve a new design for the handicapped pathway and steps to the front portico.

June 8 - 9 | Roofers continue with the section over the front entrance, while framers continue to trim out the distinctive architectural details that make up the front entry portico.

June 5 - 7 | Several days of rain with no signs of life. On June 6th, the masonry crew cut back a sandstone wall in the basement to make room for the staircase to the Community Room. On Wednesday, framers set to work framing out the roof over the front porch, while air conditioning ductwork is laid in the new office suite.

June 4 | On Saturday, a framing crew arrived midday to install the "spring eave" frontispiece over the entry. The spring eave is an early Dutch roof design characterized by gently flared end points. They expect to continue framing the rest of the porch roof on Tuesday.

May 31 - June 1 | Electricians and plumbers continue to install pipes and conduit while the framed walls are open before the sheetrock goes up. Bids for an upgraded phone system are received.

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