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Blauvelt Free Library

Renovation Update | September 22, 2016

J.D. Backhoe removed bushes along Western Highway and laid down gravel for construction equipment to gain access to our south lawn in preparation for the dismantling of our existing porch for remodeling beginning Monday, September 26th. We are officially in Renovation Mode!

Renovation Update | September 9, 2016

Our renovation budget has been approved and a contractor chosen to spearhead a year-long project beginning in early October of this year. We will post ongoing updates to our website's home page and Facebook. The library plans to remain open for the duration of the renovation. We hope you will enjoy the adventure with us, as we address longstanding issues of accessibility and comfort without sacrificing any of the library's unique charm.

Rail Trail Update | August 25, 2016

During the week of August 22nd, benches, a garbage receptacle and a two-sided kiosk were installed. The library was responsible for one side of the kiosk which describes the history of the railroad and its relation to the library. The grass has been mowed in preparation for inspection by Orangetown administrators. Removable wooden security stanchions were locked in place to prevent errant vehicles from cruising on the walkway. The whole scene is really quite impressive. If you haven't had a look, please stop on over. Dog walkers, cyclists and joggers have already made it a favorite destination.

Rail Trail Update | August 12, 2016

The Rail Trail is now paved, and lampposts have been installed and are awaiting globes. Concrete bases have been poured for benches, but the official Joseph B. Clarke Rail Trail sign has yet to arrive. Passage along the entire trail (which ends at Oak Tree Road in Tappan) is impossible due to work on the Orangetown Road Bridge. There are no plans to create a detour around the construction site for trail users. The trail will eventually be connected by a concrete tunnel running underneath the bridge. August 6th is the tentative deadline for completing the newest leg of the trail from Western Highway in Blauvelt to Greenbush Road by Lowe's in Orangeburg. On August 1st, decorative "pavers" were stamped into the asphalt at the two points of entry (Western Highway and the newly-paved parking lot). Wood stanchions were also installed at the trailheads to prevent errant motorists from driving onto the trail. The center stanchion will be removable to allow police access. Mountainview Avenue, over which the trail crosses, has received formidable brushed metal guiderails indicating the path to follow. The library will keep everyone apprised of future developments and when we hope to have an inaugural celebration.

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