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Rail Trail Update March 2016

A state worker, who has been on the project since the beginning, revealed to our Director that the Rail Trail project is in its final phase. Tree planting is set to begin the week of the 21st, which will be followed by construction of the new section of the parking lot. Completion seems to be right around the corner.

Rail Trail Update October 2015

During the summer of 2015, work continued on the 1.6 mile extension of the Joseph B. Clarke Rail Trail linking Western Highway in Blauvelt to the existing walking bridge over Route 303 at South Greenbush Rd., Orangeburg. Construction was paused at the North terminus behind the library while the opposite end was graded and graveled, proceeding under the Orangeburg Rd. vehicular bridge to a point at the CSX Railroad track where a channel formed by two massive cut stone abutments that once carried Erie Railroad trains overhead  will be repurposed as a base for a pre-fabricated walking span. A reinforced concrete support was poured on ground above the East abutment to carry that end of the new bridge.

A short curved section of the trail proceeding from there to the intersection of Bataan Road and Mountainview Ave. has yet to be fully graded, but a long stretch opposite, along the Western side of Glenshaw St. has been graveled up to a fenced equipment lot that effectively breaks the trail into two sections behind Dominican College. This lot fills dual purposes of temporarily preventing through traffic on the uncompleted trail while providing a secure parking and storage area for equipment and materials.

From late September into October crews returned to the library’s back yard to grade and flatten tons of dirt fill that arrived via a parade of large dump trucks. This has raised the end of the trail in a gentle slope that nearly matches the height of the sidewalk at Western Highway, and buries a meter-high concrete manhole box that previously stood naked in its center.


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